S Corporation Accounting

At Mark Bryant, CPA we’ll never say that S Corporation accounting and filing the IRS form 1120s is too hard for the business owner to file directly. But we’ll never say it’s easy either.  We recommend working together through out the year to keep your bookkeeping accurate  and that makes the preparation of your S-Corporation tax return a little less taxing.  Other than the straightforward pitch to earn your business, there are some compelling reasons why utilizing the 18 years of experience that Mark Bryant, CPA has with Atlanta S Corporations.  It’s our job to be informed of the latest audit and compliance issues that an Atlanta S corp is likely to face.   We also are trained to analyze the financial statements that the tax preparation originates to report to you on the overall complete and accurate picture of your Atlanta based S Corporation or any S Corporation of the clients we serve nationwide.

Mark Bryant, CPA – S Corporation Accounting Package

Preparation and/or review of a complete set of financial statements and support schedules for your S Corporation Accounting Needs.

  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Complete transaction history and summary statement of each shareholder’s capital accounts
  • Preparation of 1120S tax returns
  • Complete Shareholder Schedule of information: name, address, and Social Security Number
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Preparation of W2 statements
  • Sales tax returns
  • Transaction Status Reports of federal, state, and local taxes
  • Form 8903 – Domestic production activities
  • Schedule C – Dividends
  • K-1 details on corporate officer compensation.

Mark Bryant, CPA can provide accounting services throughout the year or just provide tax preparation services.